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Hedge Trimming2021-01-22T22:53:16+00:00

Hedge trimming and removal services in East Lothian, Scotland

Professional, controlled and safe hedge trimming and removal for Edinburgh, East Lothian and surrounding areas.

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“Very reliable, hard working contractor. Felled and removed a large tree for me. Also returned and cleared excess branches on 2 large trees. Highly recommended”

Chris Barton

Hedge trimming, cutting and removal

Alongside tree pruning and tree felling we also provide hedge trimming, cutting back and removal services throughout Edinburgh and across East Lothian. In some instances, such as Wisteria, we’ll retain the natural aesthetic and beauty of the plant. For boundary hedges it’s more about controlling and maintaining your hedge by trimming back at the right time of year to promote growth.

Below is a list of some of the most common hedges we cut, alongside the best time of year to trim them and how often they’ll need cutting. Some hedges need trimming regularly, for others just once a year is enough.


Wisteria should be pruned twice a year. Our hedge trimming will perform a summer prune in July/August and a winter prune in January/February.
Wisteria Hedge Trimming Scotland


Trimming a Leylandii hedge should be carried out only once a year in spring or summer, but not in late autumn otherwise the hedge won’t have time to grow before winter.


Beech hedge trimming, like Leylandii pruning, is best performed in late summer. The benefit of trimming your beech hedge around August time is that it’ll retain its leaves throughout Winter, giving you an all year round screen.
Beech Hedge
Laurel Hedge

Laurel Hedges

Laurel hedges are best trimmed early season, typically in late spring or early summer when new shoots form quickly and cover any of the tatty edges left by tge hedge trimmer.

Privet Hedges

Privet hedges should be trimmed at least twice a year, between May and August. Regular hedge trimming makes privet dense and even. If the hedge needs cutting back we suggest reducing the size in April before the sustained growth period.

Customer testimonials

Three trees shortened in height quickly, and tidily. Couldn’t have been easier to deal with, and the bill even came down with slightly less work than anticipated! Highly recommended.

Anthony Robinson

Ali did a great job of trimming our tree. He was really friendly and helpful, arrived on time and cleared everything away afterwards, what more could you want? Highly recommended!

Rachel Hein

Very reliable, hard-working contractor. Felled and removed a large tree for me. Also returned and cleared excess branches on 2 large trees. Highly recommended.

Chris Barton

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Choosing a tree surgeon in Edinburgh & East Lothian

While we operate across Scotland, sometimes we get calls we just can’t reach in the given time period and often ask ‘how do I find the best tree surgeon near me?’ While we can’t help you find the best tree surgeon, we can certainly give you points to look out for.

Choosing a Tree Surgeon Checklist

    • Liability & Public Liability (minimum £5 million)
    • British Standard – BS 3998:2010 Tree work. Recommendations
    • Qualifications – NPTC/Lantra Awards certificate for chainsaw use.
    • Ask for a written quote including full details of work, what will happen with the timber, who is responsible for obtaining permission if trees are protected and what steps will be taken to protect you and your property.
    • Request a reference
    • Quote validity period and if the price includes VAT
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do trees sometimes need to be felled?2020-11-10T16:52:00+00:00

Tree felling is the action of cutting down a tree to improve the safety an area or to prevent disease from spreading. Removing a tree from a public space or near a home is often a last resort when remedial work will not be enough to ensure safety for people, property or plants.

When is the best time to prune a tree?2020-11-10T16:51:40+00:00

We generally advise against pruning trees in spring, this is when the sap rises up and the leaves begin to come out. During autumn, trees draw back in the nutrients they need to survive the winter. Pruning in autumn can cause stress, resulting in disease or even death of the tree.

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