Tree felling and removal in East Lothian, Scotland

Professional, controlled and safe tree felling and removal in Edinburgh, East Lothian and surrounding areas.

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“Very reliable, hard working contractor. Felled and removed a large tree for me. Also returned and cleared excess branches on 2 large trees. Highly recommended”

Chris Barton

Tree felling and removal – What you need to know

As a rule of thumb, we advise our tree surgery clients across East Lothian and Edinburgh to keep trees if possible, but there are circumstances when tree felling and removal becomes necessary. This is usually when the tree is unsuitable for the space it’s in and begins to pose a risk to surrounding buildings or the public. Tree felling and removal in Edinburgh can be a challenge, due to limited space in urban areas, often requiring the tree felling to happen in multiple pieces.

Our approach to tree felling in Edinburgh or other built up areas across East Lothian is to perform what’s known as sectional felling. Our tree surgeons use ropes and mechanisms to control the removal of each tree section safely.

At Ali Wales Tree Solutions we carry out all our tree surgery, tree felling and removal work is performed in line with the British Standard BS3998: 2010. As experienced tree surgeons with extensive experience removing trees in Edinburgh and East Lothian we understand the space limitations and what’s involved in performing the job safely. We also respect the elements, factoring in wind direction, wind strength as well as assessing the lay of the land. Our tree surgeons will cover everything within a risk assessment and method statement prior to the operation.

Tree felling and the law

Before we carry out any work, our tree surgery team will need to check that a tree preservation order is in place or if the tree is growing within a conservation area. If this is the case then we’ll need the required permits before we can start work.

Tree Felling Services

Straight Felling

Straight felling of trees is limited to specific situations where there is at least 5m clearance from buildings or any other structure that may be damaged.
Tree Felling Edinburgh East Lothian
Tree Felling Edinburgh East Lothian Sectional Tree

Sectional Tree Felling

Sectional tree felling is a common tree surgery technique used in urban areas of Edinburgh or in towns within East Lothian. In confined spaces, trees are cut down in controlled sections using advanced rigging techniques.

Customer testimonials

Three trees shortened in height quickly, and tidily. Couldn’t have been easier to deal with, and the bill even came down with slightly less work than anticipated! Highly recommended.

Anthony Robinson

Ali did a great job of trimming our tree. He was really friendly and helpful, arrived on time and cleared everything away afterwards, what more could you want? Highly recommended!

Rachel Hein

Very reliable, hard-working contractor. Felled and removed a large tree for me. Also returned and cleared excess branches on 2 large trees. Highly recommended.

Chris Barton

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