Storm Damage/Fallen Tree Removal in East Lothian, Scotland

Professional, controlled and safe storm damage/fallen tree removal in Edinburgh, East Lothian and surrounding areas.

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“Very reliable, hard working contractor. Felled and removed a large tree for me. Also returned and cleared excess branches on 2 large trees. Highly recommended”

Chris Barton

Storm damage/Fallen Tree Removal

High winds and heavy downpours brutally lash down across Scotland every year. In fact, Scotland is the windiest country in Europe, and although dubbed the Windy City, Edinburgh gets off it quite lightly vs the Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland which have over a month of gale-force winds each year.

Even if East Lothian and Edinburgh have a milder time, high winds, ice and snow all put a lot of pressure on trees, which can come down in spectacular fashion. At home or in the public, attempting to tackle a storm damaged tree can be very dangerous.

At Ali Wales Tree Solutions all our tree surgeons are trained to a specific protocol when dealing with storm damaged trees as written out in British Standard BS3998: 2010 for Tree Work.

Damage from fallen trees due to stormy weather is somewhat preventable, and did you know in circumstances you may be held liable? In most circumstances, you can preempt a tree falling due to wind and bad weather.

Is your tree at risk of being damaged by a storm?

Here’s what to check…

Significant Lean

A significant lean to one side suggests severe damage to the tree’s anchor roots. Tree removal will be necessary if posing a threat to property or the public.
Significant Lean of Tree
Dead Wood Tree Surgeon

Cracked Soil/Exposed Roots

If you see cracked soil or exposed roots around the base of the tree that’s a sign that the tree’s roots are moving more than they should be. Ultimately, this means the tree’s root system is failing to substantially hold its own weight.

Mushroom/Fungus on the Base

Fungus on the base of the tree often indicates that the tree has dying or dead roots which over time will be unable to support the tree.
Fungus on Tree Root
Crack in Tree


As you might expect, deep cracks or splits in the tree indicate weak points that may sheer under pressure.

Preventing trees falling in high wind


Pruning trees helps remove weak or diseased branches that can fail under gale-force wind.
Tree Pruning Edinburgh Scotland
Dead Wood Tree Surgeon

Water the base

Slow watering of roots promotes deep growth in the tree root system, this is especially important for young tree development.

Protect from sunscald

During sunny winter months, trees can wake out dormancy, only to be shocked at nightfall. This can cause cell damage and can accelerate the risk of fallen trees from high winds. Loosely wrapping chicken wire around the base in winter (removed in spring) can lessen the effects of temperature fluctuation.