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Dalkeith tree surgeons covering all aspect of tree management from tree removal to sculpting and pruning trees. We’re used to working in areas with limited access to safely perform tree works within Midlothian. As you would expect from professional tree surgeons we’re very careful to leave no mess, minimising potential disruption and inconvenience. Our Dalkeith-based tree surgeons also cover Edinburgh, East Lothian & the Scottish Borders.

Our professional, qualified and insured tree surgeons have a vast knowledge of tree species, some native to Scotland and some from further afield. We’re proud to be able to deliver the highest class service in the East Scotland area, so if you have any tree-related queries in the Dalkeith area, please get in touch.

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Customer testimonials

Three trees shortened in height quickly, and tidily. Couldn’t have been easier to deal with, and the bill even came down with slightly less work than anticipated! Highly recommended.

Anthony Robinson

Ali did a great job of trimming our tree. He was really friendly and helpful, arrived on time and cleared everything away afterwards, what more could you want? Highly recommended!

Rachel Hein

Very reliable, hard-working contractor. Felled and removed a large tree for me. Also returned and cleared excess branches on 2 large trees. Highly recommended.

Chris Barton

Hiring a certified and insured tree surgeon in Dalkeith

Our team is made up of professional tree surgeons who have extensive experience. Our tree services in Dalkeith include: tree removal and tree pruning, stump grinding, hedge trimming, hedge removal, garden clearance, ivy removal, woodland management and tree planting. We work to the BS-3998 safety standards set for when carrying out tree surgery in some of Scotland’s busiest streets.

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Tree Felling in Dalkeith, Mid Lothian

How do I approach tree removal in Dalkeith?

Tree removal in Dalkeith, especially in the built up areas of the town can be high risk, dangering people and property. This is why we always suggest using a professional tree surgeon with the experience and knowhow to tackle the jobs. In addition tree removal often requires a permit from the planning department within Midlothian council.

Why you would want to fell a tree depends on many factors, such if the tree was damaged by storms, is poorly placed or if the tree is causing damage to property. In many cases, tree management is the first choice for tree surgeons in Midlothian, preserving the life of the tree and local ecology.

Why is tree pruning is important?

Proper tree maintenance such a tree pruning is an important part of upkeep in towns like Dalkeith. It’s not just a job for the local authority, but for those with trees in their gardens. A well maintained tree using branch pruning techniques helps shape the tree, reduce height and thins the canopy. This allows more light to reach lower areas, supporting good health and long life.

While we’re improving the structure of your tree, we’ll remove the deadwood from branches. Deadwood removal reduces the chance of falling branches, a hazard can affect both people and property.

Tree Cutting in Dalkeith, Midlothian
Tree Pruning in Dalkeith, Mid Lothian

Does tree pruning in Dalkeith require planning permission?

Just like you’d expect with tree removal, pruning trees in Dalkeith does come under planning regulation in conservation areas. We know the area well and can advise you with the best course of action. Our tree surgeons in Midlothian can apply for an exemption under dangerous tree work, so you don’t have to wait for approval before we make your tree safe.


Are there any requirements for hedge cutting in Dalkeith?

While there are no specific regulations for hedge cutting in Dalkeith, there are a number of consideration to be made. As qualified tree surgeons we’re well versed in hedge care. Considerations include boundaries between properties, as you can’t force your neighbour to reduce the height or size of their hedge. Hedge cutting can also disturb wildlife.

Our Dalkeith tree surgeons have worked with all forms of hedge types, some require regular cutting, others are easier to manage. Some hedges can be permanently damaged without careful consideration of species and seasonality.

Hedge Cutting in Dalkeith, Midlothian